A better way to verify membership and affiliation

Our verification service is built from the ground up to be fast, secure, and privacy-focused.
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Stop Fraud

Make sure only eligible users have access to offers and resources.

Increase Sales

Increase brand loyalty and create customers for life.

Reduce Friction

Improve the user experience and increase conversion rates.

Get Support

We provide our customers and their users with support.

Stay Compliant

Maintain compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and FERPA.

Target Groups

Provide unique offers to multiple target groups.

Quick and easy verification for you and your users

We’ve built our verification service from the ground up to prevent checkout friction and maintain end-user privacy.
A marketing video that shows how the Proxi.id verification service works.

Sell direct and stop sending customers elsewhere

Increase ecommerce conversion rates and build long lasting relationships with an influential and growing market segment.

Learn more about selling to students

Take the pain out of verifying membership and affiliation

Integrations with popular ecommerce platforms ensure you get set up quickly with little impact to existing flows.


See immediate results and gain customer insights

Achieve your business goals and learn more about customers and the organizations they’re affiliated with.

Why it pays to give student discounts

Keep user information private

Access only the information you need and rest easy knowing that we’re committed to maintaining user privacy.


We’re your verification partner

Merchants and publishers trust our service to verify user membership and affiliation.

"We’re excited about our switch to Proxi.id as our academic verification solution."

Michael Fischler


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