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Stop Fraud

Ensure that only those eligible can access resources or offers through advanced verification methods.

Increase Sales

Build brand loyalty and word-of-mouth by making special offers available to customer groups.

Reduce Friction

Improve conversion rates by asking for no personal information from users.

Full Support

Rest easy by knowing that you and your customers are supported all the way.

Stay Compliant

Put a smile on your CISOs face by working with a vendor that is compliant with data protection laws.

Flexible Targeting

Have full control by filtering access to resources or offers by affiliation or country.

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Customer Stories


SideFX Education

Committed to nurturing future 3D artists and technical directors through comprehensive resources and education programs.


Altium Education

Committed to nurturing future engineers and designers through the resources and education programs.


Qlik Academic Program

Helping students and educators create a data-literate world.

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