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Ensure that only those eligible can access resources or offers through advanced verification methods.

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Build brand loyalty and word-of-mouth by making special offers available to customer groups.

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Improve conversion rates by asking for no personal information from users.

Full Support

Rest easy by knowing that you and your customers are supported all the way.

Stay Compliant

Put a smile on your CISOs face by working with a vendor that is compliant with data protection laws.

Flexible Targeting

Have full control by filtering access to resources or offers by affiliation or country.

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Where did the student discount come from?

Today, student discounts are a common feature of many industries, from retail and entertainment to travel and transportation. But where did they come from?

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Parallels extends discount program to military personnel, government workers, and non-profit employees

The program, which was previously only available to students and educators, now offers special pricing to those who serve their country and communities.

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Designing a Successful Academic Program: Pros & Cons of Various Offer Types

Building out the licensing terms for offers within an academic program can be quite powerful with the right partner. You have many different options available for segmentation and each can be used to your advantage to encourage certain program objectives.

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