There had to be a better way to verify users

Our company was founded out of necessity. We saw a shift in how brands build relationships with their customers, from being one-and-done transactional to recognizing that there was value in building out a long-term relationship.

Other solutions exist, but they all take users away from the brand experience. We knew this negatively impacted everyone involved and that there had to be a better way.

We put privacy at the forefront of everything we do.

We’re the first of our kind.


“Privacy played an important role in our decision. We wanted to work with a service that our users can be comfortable using, knowing that their information is not being passed around, shared, or sold.”


John Moncrief

Training & Education Manager

Who we are?

We started in 2018 because we believe we can change the way organizations use data to make better decisions for their customers. We’ve been blown away by the impact BI has had on data quality and developer productivity for our customers.

From startups to consumer it’s been incredible to see our product fundamentally change the way PMs, devs and data scientists collaborate to track and govern their analytics.

Our mission

Companies have never had to understand their customers better or faster. Consumers choose the product with the best experience and companies can’t afford to stall product decisions while waiting days or weeks for answers from a centralized BI team.

The industry gold standard has become to decentralize business intelligence, so that every team is autonomous in making data-driven decisions quickly.

Founding team


Ryan Peatt



Adam Januszkiewicz



Julian Eckhardt


Our values


Our verification service is built from the ground up with privacy top of mind. We’re not in the business of collecting and mining user data. Because of this we delete all user data weekly. Everything.


Services like ours don’t need to be complicated. We have a simple business model and don’t sprinkle hidden fees deep in fine print. Users can trust that their information isn’t being abused with an easy-to-follow privacy policy.


We believe that we don’t have the right to anyone’s business, instead we need to earn it. That’s why we’re willing to provide month long free trials and provide consultation from our combined decades of experience in the ecommerce, loyalty, and privacy fields.