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Avid for Education

We’re proud to provide verification services to help empower the next generation of creators and media arts educators

Equiping Students

The program equips students with the skills, experience, and certifications needed to pursue successful careers in the media and entertainment industry. By providing access to industry-standard tools, hands-on experience, certifications, curriculum integration, and community support, the program helps students maximize their potential and achieve their career goals.


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Empowering Educators

Educators are provided with the training, resources, support, and community they need to effectively integrate Avid’s tools into their teaching and prepare students for careers in the media and entertainment industry. By equipping educators with these resources, the program helps ensure that students receive high-quality instruction and gain valuable skills and experience.

Software Available Through The Program

Students and faculty get access to industry leading software for video editing, audio production, and music notation.

Media Composer

The premier editing software for television, film, and broadcast news, Media Composer stands as the industry standard, with Avid editors highly sought after.

Pro Tools

Software that equips students with everything they need to craft beats, compose songs, capture vocals and instruments, and produce studio-grade music.


Sibelius provides the definitive solution for teaching music notation effectively and efficiently with its intuitive Worksheet Creator and Classroom Control features.

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