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SideFX Education

We’re proud to provide our services to help empower future 3D artists and technical directors, and their educators.

Levelling Up Students

Guided instruction in 3D animation and access to SideFX’s industry-leading software, Houdini, ensures that students can broaden their skill set and prepare for a successful career in visual effects and animation.

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Empowering Educators

SideFX Education’s curriculum is easy for educators to integrate into lesson plans and is designed to supplement animation and visual effects classes.

Key Benefits of SideFX Education

SideFX’s academic program is the best way to support faculty and prepare students for careers in 3D animation and visual effects.

Industry Leading Software

Students and educators both get access to industry-leading 3D animation software that is widely used in the industry.

3D Animation Course Certificate

Students can earn a certificate by completing courses in procedural modeling, animation, and visual effects.

Provides Real World Experience

Students work on real-world projects and challenges to learn the skills required to be successful in the workforce.

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