Frequently Asked Questions

We strongly believe that a user verification service doesn’t need to be complicated. Below are some of the common questions we have received about our service.

Are there really no hidden fees?

That’s right, we have no hidden fees. Unlike many other verification service providers, we do not ask for a percentage of your revenue, charge affiliate fees, or hide fees in contract language. We don’t charge an administration or setup fee, and we even provide a free trial to give you time to get settled with the service.

We’re upfront about our fees. There’s no fine print.

What happens if I go over the included number of verifications in the free plan?

Going over the number of verifications included in your plan is nothing to worry about. If you go over the number of verifications included in the free plan, you will be invoiced for the overage.

How do I verify non-academic users with a pay as you go plan?

If you would like to verify non-academic users as part of your pay as you go plan, like military, government, non-profit, contact us!

What counts as a successful verification?

A verification is successful if a user starts the verification process and is granted access to the program or offer.

Do you verify users globally?

Enterprise customers can use our service to verify users in over 180 countries. This includes verification app localization in seven languages. Italian, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and English.

Do I need to pay an additional fee for end-user support?

No. We take care of providing users with verification support to ensure that eligible users can access your program or offer.

Will your service work with my marketing or ecommerce tech stack?

We have designed our service to be as tech friendly as possible with an easy to integrate low-code API. If you need help with implementing our service, we provide deployment support starting with our Standard plan.

If you would like to see our API documentation or have questions about whether our service will work with your existing infrastructure, please contact us.

I’m looking for a particular feature, but don’t see it listed in your plans

If you need a feature or capability that isn’t listed in one of the plans above, please contact us.

We are always interested in working with our customers to help them solve challenges related to the verification of users.

Do you have a startup program?

Yes! We received a lot of support from our vendors & partners when we first started our company and want to pay-it-forward.

Eligible startups get 50% off our pricing plans for the first year. You can learn more and apply to our Startup Program here.