Manually verifying users?



Manually verifying users for your marketing program lowers conversion rates, increases costs, and opens up your business to data compliance risk.

It’s time to try Proxi

Increase customer satisfaction and grow your business with an easier way to verify.


Grow Your Business

Spend less time answering tickets, and more time growing your marketing program.

Increase Conversion Rates

Reducing checkout friction has been proven to substantially increase conversion rates.

Reduce Costs

Free up internal resources to focus on more important tasks and drastically reduce per verification cost.

Data Compliance

Advanced verification methods require less information from users to protect your company against data risk.

Better than manual verification

There’s no need to manually verify users for your academic, military, or non-profit marketing program.

Manual Verification

There are many costs and risks associated with verifying users in house.

  • Expensive due to labour costs
  • Takes resources away from more important tasks
  • Slow for users which lowers conversion rates
  • Introduces data compliance risk through handling of sensitive documents


Instantly verify users at a low cost without the data compliance risk.

  • Low costs that decrease as your program grows
  • Free up your staff to focus on more important tasks
  • Fast for users which increases conversion rates
  • Built from the ground up to be private and compliant with data protection laws
  • Verify users worldwide in over 180+ countries
  • Configurable rule engine allows for custom eligibility criteria
  • Advanced reporting to help you grow your program
  • Available in English, French, German, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Korean, and Japanese

What our customers are saying

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" has made it easy for our customers to verify their academic status. With their service, orders are released faster and we’re able to verify more users."

“We wanted to work with a service that our users can be comfortable using, knowing that their information is not being passed around, shared, or sold.”

Grow your program with more customer groups

Be confident that you’re able to verify the most amount of users in a selected customer segment with our excellent coverage.



Help drive student success and support teachers



Support those that serve and their families with discounts



Support the public service for the greater good



Give back to those that go the extra mile for others

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