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Built from the ground up to reduce checkout friction, increase conversions, and protect end-user privacy.

Why you’ll love our service


End User Ownership

You own the end-user relationship, not us. We don’t advertise competing offers to users or ask them to setup accounts with us.

Data Compliant

Advanced verification methods require less information from users, protecting our clients against data compliance risk.

Trusted Practices

We’re highly trusted by authoritative data sources, allowing us to verify users faster with less user information.

Customer Service

We are with you every step of the way. Dedicated and consultative customer service maximizes the success of your program.

Different than SheerID

We do things a lot differently than other verification services. That’s a good thing!


  • You and your end users are the customer
  • Requires sensitive personal information like date of birth to verify
  • Requires promo or discount codes from vendor
  • Multiple unnecessary steps for end users result in higher cart abandonment
  • User information may be shared for marketing purposes


  • Our only focus is you as our customer
  • Users provide only the minimum amount of information needed. No date of birth required.
  • Integration removes need for codes and reduces fraud risk
  • Fast and seamless integration results in customer proven higher conversion rates
  • Architected for maximum privacy and all user data is proactively deleted

What our customers are saying

Join other leading companies that have made the switch to our verification service from other methods.

"Many verification service providers make users jump through hoops to verify their academic status. We were excited to find a solution that made it easy for users and checked all our boxes."

“We wanted to work with a service that our users can be comfortable using, knowing that their information is not being passed around, shared, or sold.”

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Help drive student success and support teachers



Give back to those who serve, and their families



Support the public service for the greater good



Give back to those who go the extra mile for others

Proxi is the perfect verification solution

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