Support those who serve

Verify active military personnel and provide them with access to discounts and other special offers.

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A photo of a female U.S. military member sitting on the front steps of a house.

Verify active U.S. Armed Forces military personnel


Integrated with trusted data sources and leading platforms for quick setup and easy management


Built from the ground up with privacy and data protection as a top priority


Reduced checkout friction over other methods through a simple and easy to use interface

Active Military

Military families have a higher average household income than most other families and a propensity for online shopping.


Number of military families that buy based on specialized offering or discount


Number of active military personnel in the United States Armed Forces


Total spending power of active military personnel

Give access to unique offers without the risk of fraud

Be confident that unique discounts or offerings are only available for active military personnel.


Use verification to build a loyal base of lifelong customers

Personalizing content and providing discounts is a proven method to win the business of military families while providing a social benefit.

Stay compliant with data protection laws

Collecting more information than required puts your company at risk with data protection laws like GDPR, CCPA, and others.


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