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Support public service for the greater good

Instantly verify the employment status of millions of government, non-profit, and charity workers and provide them with access to discounts and special offers.

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Verify millions of public and social sector employees worldwide


Integrated with trusted data sources and leading platforms for quick setup and easy management


Built from the ground up with privacy and data protection as a top priority


Reduced checkout friction over other methods through a simple and easy to use interface

Give access to unique offers without the risk of fraud

Be confident that unique offers are only made available to eligible users.


Use verification to build a loyal base of lifelong customers

Personalizing content and providing discounts is a proven method to win the business of consumers while providing a social benefit.

Stay compliant with data protection laws

Collecting more information than required puts your company at risk with data protection laws like GDPR, CCPA, and others.


We have the answers to your questions

Below are answers to some commonly asked questions about our service and public sector verification.

How can I instantly verify the employment status of public service workers for my special offers?

You can instantly verify the employment status of these users for your special offers by integrating with our service. Our low-code API makes it easy.

What benefits can I offer to government, non-profit, and charity workers through this verification?

Depending on the nature of your business, you may want to provide eligible users with access to discounts, specialized content, or personalized messaging.

How quickly can I set up verification for public and social sector employees in my business?

Most of our customers have integrated with our service in less than a week. The time required to complete the integration will depend on the development resources available to you.

How does the service ensure the security and protection of user data during verification?

First and foremost, we have designed our service to require no user data to complete verification. If we collect information from users to facilitate the verification process, it is deleted within 7 days.

What makes this employment verification process more frictionless compared to other methods?

Unlike other methods, our service provides verified users with immediate access to your gated content or offer. We don’t ask users to create accounts with us or distribute coupon codes.

Can I personalize content and provide tailored discounts to public sector employees using this service?

Yes! Our service is the perfect tool to help ensure that only public sector employees can access or view personalized content and tailored discounts.

What social benefits can my business gain from offering discounts to those in public service?

Offering discounts to public service workers can boost your business’s reputation, engage the community, and attract loyal customers. It aligns your brand with civic values, increasing sales and public relations benefits.

How does the service help my business stay compliant with data protection laws like GDPR and CCPA?

By collecting the minimum amount of information possible to verify a user and actively deleting all user data within 7 days, we help businesses stay compliant with data protection laws.

What information does the service collect from public service workers during verification?

The only information from users required to complete the verification process is their work-provided email address.

How can I build a loyal customer base among government, non-profit, and charity workers through verification and special offers?

To build loyalty among government, non-profit, and charity workers, use simple verification, offer consistent discounts, and engage through social media.

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