Student and faculty verification for ecommerce

Instantly verify millions of students and faculty worldwide without compromising on user experience and privacy.

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Sell directly to millions of students and faculty

Take your academic program to the next level by adding instant academic verification to your checkout process.


Get set up quickly with integrations into ecommerce platforms and a low-code API.


Eliminate fraud and ensure your offers are only redeemed by eligible users.


Increase conversion rates over other methods with a leading user experience.

Marketing to students makes sense

Today’s generation of college and university students are more price-sensitive and privacy-conscious than ever before. Making unique offers available reduces barriers to purchase and increases brand loyalty.


Spent by students on merchandise in the United States each year.


Consumers in the United States that are part of Gen Z.


Number of college and university students worldwide.

Eliminate fraud and abuse

Be confident that your academic offers are redeemed and accessed by eligible users. You can set eligibility based on multiple criteria such as academic group, region, and institution type.

Our service uses direct integrations with ecommerce platforms and sophisticated verification methods, removing the need for discount or promo codes.

Learn how a modern verification service can reduce fraud

Build brand loyalty and grow

Personalizing content and providing discounts is a proven method to win the business. Making unique offers available to academic users shows that you support education and student success.

Our service gives you the flexibility to create a truly unique academic program. Make virtual desk copies of your products available to faculty, or provide students with a deep discount or extended trial.

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Stay compliant with data protection laws

Collecting personal and student specific information puts your company at risk with data protection laws like GDPR, CCPA, and FERPA. Asking customers for more data than required causes them to think twice about making a purchase or redeeming an offer.

Our service is built from the ground up to protect end user privacy. We only collect the bare minimum to verify a user and delete all user data.

Learn more data protection laws

Give your users a great experience

Young shoppers care more about the user experience then ever before. Using a verification method that is integrated into the checkout process reduces checkout friction and increases conversion rates.

We support your customers through the verification process with exceptional customer service.

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