Helping startups get started with user verification

We know that growing a business is no easy feat. Making your products and services available to consumer groups with special offers is a proven way to grow product adoption and your customer base.

Apply for our startup program and get access to our verification service at a special discounted rate.


“We received a lot of help from service providers when we started and want to pay it forward the best we can. Eligible startups can take advantage of our verification service at a significantly reduced cost.”


Ryan Peatt


How it works

The startup program provides eligible startups with a year of access to our verification service at 50% off our regular starter package price. You will receive full access to our verification service, including end-user support.

Use the program to start your own academic or military program providing unique offers or discounts.

Who can apply?

We encourage all businesses that have not raised more than a Series A in funding and have not been incorporated for more than 5 years to apply. These businesses should have or want to make a special offer made available to academic users (students, faculty, or staff) or U.S. active-duty military personnel.

If you’re not sure how to get started with an academic or military program, don’t sweat it. We’re here to help.

How our verification service can help grow your business


Attract over 250 million users to your business

$0 USD

Save on average $15 in support costs per verification


Increase conversion rates by 20% compared to other methods


Sell to consumers with over $15 billion of purchasing power

Apply and join the startup program

Let us know a bit more about you and your startup to start the application process. We will get back to you for more details and to provide more information about our service.