Switching verification service providers has never been easier

Now is the time to switch verification service providers. Consumers have no patience for slow checkout experiences and are concerned about how their personal information is used online.

Our verification service is built from the ground up to provide users with the fastest verification experience possible, maintaining their privacy. This means happy customers and more business.

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Why switch to Proxi.id

There are many reasons to switch to our verification service. These are the key ones.

Reduce Costs

We’re fully transparent with our pricing and have no hidden fees. This results in substantial savings over other methods.

Increase Conversions

Low-code deployment, platform integrations, and a frictionless user experience improve program results.

Uphold Privacy

We only ask users for the bare-minimum to verify. Anything we collect from users is deleted within a week.

We’re better than the rest

Your customers are your customers, and they deserve the best experience possible.

Proxi.idCompeting ServicesManual Methods
Cost (USD)$1.25 per verification$2.00+ per verification$5.00+ per verification
Coverage180+ CountriesLimited and Charge Per CountrySingle Countries
Verification SpeedInstantMinutes to HoursMultiple Hours
Data PrivacyUser data proactively deletedResell user data to other vendorsCompliance risk collecting data
User ExperienceFrictionlessSign up and Sign in to New User AccountMultiple support touch points

You’re in good company

Join other leading companies that have made the switch to our verification service.

Instantly verify customer segments

Be confident that you’re able to verify the most amount of users in a selected customer segment with our excellent coverage.

Looking to verify another segment not listed here? Let us know.



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